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Slovak Safer Internet Centre

Slovak Safer Internet Centre (SK SIC) consists of three components: Awareness centre (Zodpovedne.sk; Responsibly in Slovak language), Helpline (Pomoc.sk; Help in Slovak language) and Hotline (Stopline.sk). The philosophy of SK SIC is reflected in the graphic message, which resembles a child’s hand, as well as the World Wide Web symbol and colours intend to evoke the traffic lights analogy. The green represents the green light for responsible use of internet and modern technologies. Orange stands for the helping hand. Red light symbolises the stop sign for illegal content and conduct in the virtual space. 

Awareness centre´s aim is informing children, parents and teachers about better and safer use of the Internet, building on enhanced digital resource centres (repositories), from which specific awareness toolkits and services are adapted and deployed, in cooperation with third parties (schools, industry). More specifically the awareness centre: 

  • devises awareness campaigns and resources targeting children, parents, grandparents, teachers and social workers on how to give children the digital skills and tools they need to take advantage of the Internet and to navigate safely online, promoting awareness of parents and children about online quality content and experiences, and makes the associated resources available through their services,
  • evaluates the impact of the awareness campaigns on the target groups and provides qualitative and quantitative feedback at European level through the core service platform,
  • establishes and maintains partnerships and promotes dialogue and exchange of information with key players (government agencies, ISPs, user organisations, education stakeholders) at national level.

SK SIC operates since 2007 while continuously implementing the goals and aims of the Safer internet and Safer internet Plus programme. In the past 8 years SK SIC established strong position within the protection of children / youth in virtual space. SK SIC contributed to the best-practices in Europe and globally through 1,856 tools developed. SK SIC operates 8 websites, 5 social media pages totally having 14,1 million view and almost 7 million downloads of online tools so far. SK SIC has disseminated almost 1 million offline tools. There has been published over 11 thousand media outputs. SK SIC has trained over 50,000 adults (teachers, parents, social workers, etc.), 123,000 children / youth and within the empowerment involved over 1 million children /youth. Within the Hotline operation work there have been received over 11,000 reports. SK SIC is also very active in the legislation process concerning the safer internet issues. SK SIC has received over 20 awards proving of outstanding reach of activities and tools delivered.